Ad Press executive management pens and case
Linda Wild and Bill Wild

Executive Management

Advertisers Press has grown from a small, three-person, local printing shop to a major manufacturer of high-quality business forms and commercial print. When Sam Nuzzo started Ad Press in 1948, it was a high priority of his to maintain a sense of family within the business operation. He was successful in instilling this philosophy throughout the corporation. Along with his wife, Yvonne, they made sure that every employee knew that his or her contribution was directly related to the success of the company. Two people that joined the company early on were Linda and Bill Wild. Linda and Bill became deeply involved with the management of the company and worked closely with Yvonne and Sam to insure the continued success of the operation.

Linda and Bill were so committed to preserving the family tradition at Ad Press, that when Sam passed away in 1997, Linda along with Bill acquired the company from Yvonne, thus making Ad Press one of the leading woman-owned corporations in the State of Wisconsin. They continue today to aggressively promote the ideals that Yvonne and Sam set forth early on in the corporation’s history. Although they are deeply involved in the daily operation of the company, they still set aside time for family and community. They enjoy time with their grandchildren, actively supporting several local charities and serving on the boards of other companies.