Ad Press helps the enviornment by recycling and using Energy Star approved systems
Recycling bailer to preserve the environment

Recycling Initiatives

At Advertisers Press our goal is to offer the highest quality products while leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible. We understand our responsibility is to preserve our environment for future generations. In working towards that goal, we have integrated several conservation programs into our workflow processes along with several energy-saving improvements to our workplace. During 2007 our main production facility underwent a major renovation to update our heating and cooling systems. This included the replacement of the structure’s entire roof system to provide for better insulation. All of the heating and cooling units were upgraded to more efficient systems that are software driven to balance energy consumption including maintaining the ideal humidity conditions for manufacturing and storing paper products.

In addition, all of our computer systems are Energy Star approved. We have designed reusable packaging systems for our large-volume, business-forms clients which helps reduce the amount of corrugated packing material entering the landfill. There is an extensive waste recycling program in our office areas and on our production floor. All waste trim is baled and returned to the paper mills for recycling. All plastic roll wrap is also recycled.


During 2013 Advertisers Press recycled 1,176 tons of waste paper!

Here are examples of what that savings means in terms of an environmental impact.

  • 19,900 Mature Trees – This represents enough saved timber resources to produce more than 246 million sheets of newspaper.
  • 4,821,000 KW Hours of Electricity – This is enough power to fulfill the annual electricity needs of more than 400 homes.
  • 4,100 Cubic Yards of Landfill Airspace – This represents enough airspace to fulfill the municipal waste disposal needs for a community of 5,000 Americans for one year.
  • 544,000 Gallons of Oil – This represents 12,950 barrels of No. 2 fuel oil which provides enough energy to heat and cool more than 2,600 homes for one year.
  • 28,200 Gallons of Gasoline – This represents enough gasoline for Americans to drive more than 700,000 miles.
  • 8,232,000 Gallons of Water – This represents enough fresh water to meet the daily fresh water needs of more than 100,000 Americans.

In addition, Ad Press recycles all aluminum plates, fountain solutions, cleaning solvents and plastic packaging material.

In September of 2008 Ad Press received its certification as a FSC certified printer.
This process was undertaken to extend to our clients the option of joining us in a Green Initiative and reduce the impact that our industry has on the environment. Please contact one of our sales representatives to explore your Going Green options through the FSC program.